Supreme Market
Merchandises Cost Notice

New Username

If you want to change your current username to something more appealing, you can purchase this.


Specify your new username in your Item purchase


With this item you're allowed to re-take dorm test.


Re-Test item works only once. Once its used you need to repurchase Re-Test item to get another test

Open A Deck/Gfx Shop

With this you will have permission to open up a Deck or Gfx Shop. XDA members can purchase your provided Decks or order Gfx from you with Duel Points.


You must open the Deck/Gfx Shop in Main Shop Section as a new Topic


With this you will have permission to Create a Tournament. XDA members can then choose to participate and earn rewards from it.


You must create the tournament in the Wars/Tournaments Section in a new thread

Custom Rank

With this item you can edit your rank with a pic of your chosen to say whatever you want!


You will need to supply us with your own rank image