So this is a thing?

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So this is a thing?

Post by (K.S.B)Sasori. on Wed Jul 17, 2013 2:58 am

On DN, I'm known as (K.S.B)Sasori.

I'm decent at card games I guess.
In real life, I'm known as Jose David Rodriguez Basquez Yanez Martinez The Second De La Pan Lancho. I started dueling when I was a kid..And stopped until I was seventeen. My first group of actual friends had started wanting to play..So I joined in. Then we got serious..Then one of our friends got really serious into Six Samurais. That made me take up Dark worlds..And we played against each other in a rivalry. Our other friends built their decks..And we never stopped from there. I have a great locals, a great group of friends that I'd risk everything for, and a future that I won't give up on.
Card games helps hold it all together.

I'm from Brooklyn, though I currently live in Newton, North Carolina.

Currently I'm nineteen. Birthday's July second. I'm a duelist by right. Writer by trade. And trying to gain my degrees to become a Psychologist.

My favorite decks, out of a list of ten;
Spellbooks (I was playing the deck back when spellbook of power was the Hydromentei book of spells.)
Gimmick Puppets ( What kind of puppet master would I be otherwise?)
Dark worlds. (I can sometimes be a dick.)
Gishki OTK (Not the thing where they deck you out. The thing that makes gustav max's.)
Piper Relinquished (No really. Djinn + Relinquished = Salt.)
Frognarchs. (You feel like Jiraiya every time.)
Fire. Just..All the fire archtype.
The new blue eyes stuff.
Chaos Ninjas.

If you want to know about anything else, or feel like dueling. I'm always down.
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