TheGracefulAssassin makes his entry

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TheGracefulAssassin makes his entry

Post by TheGracefulAssassin on Fri Jul 19, 2013 7:12 pm

Hello everyone. I am theGracefulAssassin(aka Darkavenger1234 on DN). I am a really big gamer and anime fan. I mostly stick to RPG's and Fighting games but I play others from time-to-time. If you ever want to duel me,let one thing be known,If you want a serious duel tell me because with most duels I have fun trying out new deck lay-outs or old clans that no one uses -Gustos,Madolche,naturia,fortune ladies etc. I do have decks that are my more "competitive decks" if you would like to duel those too. So if you ever want to battle just message me, My internet may not work to well from time-to-time*I hate my internet D,:* but I will try to battle you if I can. I am also a still getting back into yugioh after my 5 years withdrawl from it,so if I make a mistake I apologize in advance xD. And that's about it for me. See Ya late guyz :p
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