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XDA Team Rules

Post by ! Yeezus on Mon Sep 30, 2013 7:03 pm

Hello everyone, in order to bring more fun to XDA, the admins and I have decided to put together mini teams so everyone can be a part of one. Basically, we have different sections of rules we must go over, so thank you for your time and reading them all.

How do I make a team?
This is the 1st question I get. To start with a team, you must go to the Team Registration thread and make a post. Teams must have a minimum number of 5 and cannot exceed 7. Once you made your post, you must wait until a staff member to move your post to the XDA Official Team Thread. A minimum of 4 members including the leader must confirm they're on the team.

How do I start a War?
Good question, well once your team is official, you may war other official teams whenever you want. both leaders of each team must agree to war and have a war type. In this, we use 2 different types, HPX Crossfire and Hearts. HPX Crossfire is where all members of both teams have 2 lives. When a member loses a duel, they lose a life. Once they lose both lives, they are out of the war. Hearts is where a team has a set amount of hearts and each member can duel as many times as they want. First team to no hearts loses. Once a war is finished, a staff member will lock the thread. In the future we are planning of making a table for our top teams and award prizes but for now, each team in their original team post should record their results.

How do I disband my team?
Very easy, in your teams original topic, the leader must post that their team is disbanding. A staff member will lock your post and move it to the "Disbanded teams" thread.

Any other questions can be posted here, please no spam, it will be deleted and warnings will be given. Remember, only questions.

Quick War post review
This is how your war post should look like.

Example: 5v5, TCG Only, 10 Hearts war

[T1] Team 1 Roster [10]
Player 1A
Player 2A
Player 3A
Player 4A
Player 5A

[T2] Team 2 Roster [9]

Player 1B
Player 2B
Player 3B
Player 4B
Player 5B

Round 1: (2)Player 1A Vs. Player 1B(0)

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