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RP Rules for T-1 RolePlay

Post by Ventriloquist on Mon Aug 26, 2013 8:51 pm

T-1 RP Rules. AKA Turn Based Paragraph Role Play

Hello my friends, and welcome. This post is in regard to T-1 Role Play. For those of you who do not understand what "T-1," means, I will have a topic up soon discussing tiers. But to summarize, T-1 is generally accepted as the top tier, or most difficult for of RP. It is turn based, descriptive, lengthy in regard to the posts, and generally you are only allowed 1 attack per turn. Though I edited that rule, as many people tend to do, but allowed for the more general version to be used as well. Just read it and you will understand.

There will be more rules/examples/etc concerning Role Play in general as time goes on. Enjoy the thread and READ THE RULES!

The Law:
Rule 1: No godmod. Re-post is given to an invalid poster only once within battle. (God mod is the act of holding full manipulation of reality, being invulnerable to everything, unlimited energy, controlling another's character, absolute attacks, absolute defenses, and unreasonable things that may not be listed but traditionally counted, as can be debated in p.m.’s, or decided on.)

Rule 2: No Auto-Declaration. (Auto-Declaration is when an opposing player announces that their attack hit in the same post the attack was used. Example, "I punch you in the face, shattering your skull and ending the fight." This is illegal, as your opponent ALWAYS has a right to dodge. The attack must be declared in such a way it is directed at the opponent, with the damage explained in a way as if it were to hit.)

Rule 3: No Time-Lining. (Time Lining is going back in the actions of the previous post. Meaning. Player A runs, jumps, and sends a kick towards your Player B's head. Player B then attack player A with a fire ball, or a clone, before Player A ever made the initial running move. This is Illegal)

Rule 4: Paragraph role-play; no post size limitation. (At least place something reasonable and average may it be an introduction of otherwise. I don't really care how long the post is but basically be reasonable and post a real paragraph of something either 8 sentences or at least something long enough to be claimed as a paragraph.)

Rule 5: Time limitation: X Days. (Depending on whatever amount of time you need or wish to extend or decrease just contact me in p.m.’s and we'll sort this out unless a date is stated)

Rule 6: Fantasy; mutual understandings of logical implementations. GENERAL LOGIC.(I understand this is fantasy but with balance held in ruling of the role-playing game we use logic. Science can be used to make reasonable decisions, however if it’s an arcane asset fantasies logic may be used to display the outcome.)

Rule 7: Closed role-play; No in-character interference from outside parties, unless Story based or open match. (As long as you don't just let your friends troll and join our battle out of spite you won’t be eliminated automatically from the battle.)

Rule 8: NPC count are allowed as logical consistencies, amount is X. (None Playable Characters is really a contradiction being that you're playing with them, and I really hate the concept of them, or how most role-players use the rule, so I guess like many I alter it the way I like to play to make things more fun, NPC are also characters so like all characters they deserve to be attempted in order to potentially gain damage, however characters that are controlled by both parties are not counted as NPC. However anything such as random people or animals may be controlled by anyone and not counted as NPC.)

Rule 9: Each player has the right to request and review the participating character’s sheets. (Kind of self-explanatory, you can ask or not, if you wish to see someone’s sheet just ask.)

Rule 10: Each player has the right to request an official review from a third party, and each player has the right for a post explanation. (If you don't agree with me you can grab a friend and tell me off if I'm wrong, Vice-versa with anyone in battle.)

Rule 11: Universality (mock-match / death match); victory can be obtained by submission/surrender, knock-out, or death. (Self-explanatory, basically you may end the fight however you wish, with despair, remorse, no tolerance, etc. All battles will end in death to the character, as the character will cease to exist becoming a part of TNU history if memorable, unless the victorious Ninja allows them to live. Final posts should always be given by the winner too prove conclusion.)

SPECIAL RULE! (Multiple versions.)
Rule 12(A): Multi Attacking disabled. Limit one attack action per post. However, other actions such as movements, charging, or other set up actions are indeed valid outside of this rule. Meaning you may performs as many as is logically sensible.

Rule 12(B): Logical multiple actions are indeed valid. Order of multiple attacking remains stable. (Personally this is a rule I don't understand why others dislike, its only more logical that in reality anyone may attack as many times as they please. You may attack as many times as you want, as long as it’s reasonable, don't expect me to let you slide with pulling outrageous techniques and you're perfectly well with stamina, energy, and strain [Fatigue].)

(Concerning Rule 12. When entering a RP, this rule must be decided upon and agreed up between the parties involved.)

Rule 13: Any additional agreements must be stated and openly agreed upon; same applies for any measure of alteration of these rules. Any party that post without open agreement to these rules, or additional rules, will automatically be presumed in full accordance of these and the stated rules. (If you have agreed with these rules it'll also include that you agree to my character being valid upon all aspect, thus one cannot go against it in battle. If you feel something isn't right, ask me about it in private messages, and if valid I will exclude it from our battle, other than so, make it reasonable.

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