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RP Rules for T-2 Role Play

Post by Ventriloquist on Tue Aug 27, 2013 5:48 am

T-2 RP Rules. AKA Speed Role Play

T-2 is considered Speed based RP. As opposed to T-1, where players take turns, in T-2 you simply type your actions as quickly as possible. This is normally done in what is known as the 7-10-7 format. Which refers to attacking, connecting, and dodging. While I am not a fan of T-2, it is used, and I will have an in depth guide as to tactics, and more technical info on T-2 soon. These are simply the Universal Rules.

The Law:
5 Points Damage

A battle ends after 5 points of damage are done to either character. In cases of a death match, after 5 pts. of damage only then is a finisher allowed to be executed.

The Basics

Attempt: 7 words
Connect: 10 words
Dodge: 7 words
In/Out of range: 7 words
In range + Attacking: 12 words
Out range + Prepping: 12 words
(Note: Must be in the following order - In/Out of range then Attacking/Prepping)
Prep: 7 words
Weapon withdrawal: 7 words
Counter: 12 words
(Note: Must be in the following order - Dodge then Attack)
Max typo's allowed: 3 max, 4 and up are void
Finisher: 7 words (attempt), 10 words (prep), 12 words (connect)

Energy attacks: Requires 1 prep to draw up energy
Breaking bones: Requires 3 preps, or 3 connections on the same body part
Severing body parts: 3 preps
Escaping/Leaving a fight: 3 lines, 7 words


Attempt: The first number of the trio (7) represents the minimum amount of words for the attack. This line must be proceeded and ended with an action mark to be registered as a legal action.


Note the use of name in the attempt. It must be in all lines of combat. It helps to determine who you are attacking, and is also commonly used as a way to know if someone is cheating or not. In addition, you must also state what you're attacking with, and what body part you're attacking.

Connect: The second number (10) is the amount of words needed to make an attack connect, or to actually do damage to an opponent. Remember, an attack only counts if both an attempt and connect are typed before an opponent defends against the attack. In addition, you must also state what you're connecting with, and what body part you're damaging.

If there was no dodge made to the aforementioned attack, a connect line could look like this:



Dodging/Evading: The final, and third, number (7) is the defend/dodge line. There isn't much restriction on this, as it can simply be ducking, jumping, moving to the side, or knocking an attempted attack away. This must be done in the middle of an attackers attempt and connect line. In addition, you must also state what body part you're specifically dodging.

Between the attack and connect already stated, Fighter2's dodge could be something like this:



Counter: The counter attack line requires 12 words. It is basically a mixture of a dodge/evade and an attack. In order to perform this correctly the dodge must be stated before the attack.


Fighter2 would then make a connect as normal.


Finisher: After 5 pts. of damage you can end the fight by knocking an opponent out, or another action, or even by killing them. 5 normal hits must have been completed before you can kill a character. Killing starts with your average attempt, followed by an extra prep line (10 words) and ends with the final connect. A finisher could look like this:



Prep: A single prep that is incurred before the attempt, adds 0 pt. of extra damage to your initial attack. (i.e. If you do 1 prep before 1 attempt, it does 0 pts. of extra damage. If 2 preps are done, then 1 pt. of extra damage is added to the attack. If done so at the beginning of a fight, the score would then be 2-0.) This applies to all attacks. Melee/Long Range/Energy, etc. Once any form of attack is used, the prep count drops back to 0.

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