RP Rules for T-3 Role Play

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RP Rules for T-3 Role Play

Post by Ventriloquist on Tue Aug 27, 2013 5:57 am

T-3 RP Rules. AKA Non-Legal Speed Role Play

T-3 RP Rules are exactly like T-2, however, the word limit is undefined. Meaning you only need at least one word per any action.

Attack - 1 word

Defend - 1 word

Connect - 1 word

The same applies to prepping, final blows, and fleeing as well. T-3 is not generally used, and is considered noobish. Although it is sometimes used for fun. Beyond the fact that it's rules are exact like T-2, with a Five Point damage system and the fact you must make your attacks connect, T-3 has no other differences beside having NO word limit.

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