What is Role Play?

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What is Role Play?

Post by Ventriloquist on Wed Aug 28, 2013 2:37 am

What Exactly is Role Play?

So what exactly is Role Play? Role Play is commonly referred to as "RP," and is defined as "to assume the attitudes, actions, and discourse of (another), especially in a make-believe situation in an effort to understand a differing point of view or social interaction." So, in short, that is to literally "Assume a Role." Role Play is used in a number of scenarios. It's used in training exercises in a number of fields such as business or military. It's also used in a doctor's office. Both within the medical team as well as between doctor and patient. This can be either to try and assess what the patient may be suffering from, by the doctor placing him/her-self in the patient's shoes. Or, by the patient laying on a table and playing the role of being a child again, or the parent in some cases. Lastly, actor's use role play when filming. By following a script, and acting out a pre designated role.

But for most of us, role play began as a child. Yes, a kid. Nearly everyone of you reading this has done role play at some point when you where young. Perhaps you played "Army," "Cowboys and Indians," "Pokémon," "Cops and Robbers," "Power Rangers." Any of these things and many more. Think back to when you got a new toy. Maybe you played by yourself, with a sibling, or with a friend. But either way, for a little while you were that toy. If it was a Gundam, maybe you were the pilot. If it was a Pokemon, maybe you where the trainer.

But for a little while, you stepped into a world of fantasy, and experienced how it would be if you were someone, or something else. That is in essence Role Play my friends.

Now, concerning online forums, and other message boards. This is generally referred to as "Text Based," Role Play. Usually 2 or more people get together, make a thread, and take turns posting in either a speed based, or turn based manner. By doing so, the normal scenarios that are acted out are either "Story Line," Or "Combat." (Also referred to as Sparring.)

I really hope this helps you understand the magic that lies within RP. As there are virtually no limits. Find yourself a group of like minded people, find something that interests you all. Maybe its Magic, maybe is Sci-Fi, or maybe its Romance. Either way, think up a character, or "Role," to play, and just begin writing. It's that simple. Happy Role Playing, and have fun! ^.^

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