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Graphics Section, Revamped.

Post by Phoenix King on Thu Oct 10, 2013 2:39 pm

GFX Section Introduction

Hi, I am your faithful Scorpion, and I have taken the initiative to organize all things related to GFX on the forum, this means makes sections for videos on speed art, making threads for non gfx art, showcase sections, tutorial sections, resources sections, and a section for GFX Shops(So they aren’t a huge jumbled-with-Deck Shop mess).

I will be working with Yin~ to help out the GFXers of this forum become better, and even invite new people to try it.

I will also be typing out article and lessons myself, so be sure to check in regularly.

I will stay active, I will not be going inactive unnanounced, do not worry.

Also, I will be opening a thread and section for GFX help, if one needs a question answered, it will be there and I will answer.

This is my first project since being Assistant, and I would love all the love and support I can get.

Phoenix King
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