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XDA: 2X EXP & DP Event

Post by ! Yeezus on Thu Oct 10, 2013 6:25 pm

To get you all prepared for XDA's new upcoming updates, we are hosting the first ever 2X EXP & DP Event! Duel and power through the weekend with 2X EXP & DP!

The '2X EXP & DP Event' is a special occurrence that happens when XDA has a major update or special occasion to celebrate. Throughout the event, if you duel for Duel Arena or play Dice Games, you gain double the amount of DP or EXP. (EX: In Duel Arena, if you were to win 2-0 against your opponent, you would gain 40DP. But, during the 2X, you would gain 80DP instead. This is also the same for Dice Games!)


2x EXP & DP
Friday, OCT 11, 2013 5 PM - 9 PM Pacific (8 PM - 12 AM Eastern)
Saturday, OCT 12, 2013 12 AM - 11:59 PM Pacific (All day)
Sunday, OCT 13, 2013 5 PM - 9 PM Pacific (8 PM - 12 AM Eastern)

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