XDA Halloween: Vampires Vs. Lycans War

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XDA Halloween: Vampires Vs. Lycans War

Post by ! Yeezus on Mon Oct 28, 2013 6:29 pm

War ends in....

The two most numerous races of the Darkovia are at it again, continuing their centuries-long rivalry! This time it seems the population of their species are low for conflict so they have come to XDA to recruit new members! Which side will you choose, Guest?

Rules and Regulations

• The September 1st Ban list is in effect
• Duels will be hosted in Advanced (Unrated) 2/3 match
• TCG Banlist (TCG/OCG Cards)
• Banned decks: Exodia, Self-Destruct Button Tie-Out, and Final Countdown.
• You may duel any player from the opposing race as many time as you want.
• You may not switch between groups.
• Each time you defeat your opposing race, you increase your races counter by +1 and you gain 1 Candy.
• Loser has to admit its defeat or the winner must post a screen to prove his/her victory.
• After each match, at least one of the players must post the results. Confirmation from the opponent, while not necessary, is advised. (Always take screenshots of your victories; you may be asked for them.)
• Anyone caught cheating will be punished with 2 warnings.
• If a player has to go during a duel, they forfeit it upon leaving. If a player has to go in between duels of a match (during siding), it may continue later.
• If screenshots are not submitted, the returning player may not side for the next game.


To Join the Vampires: Click Here / To Join the Lycans: Click Here

Win/Loss Records

A new topic in the Tournaments Section with the Title of [Vampires Vs. Lycans: Win/Loss Records] will be created for you to post your wins and losses. Both players will confirm their wins and losses in their duel. Also, please try to include a screenshot. (Click Here for Win/Loss Records topic)


1st Place Race: The top 5 members with the highest amount of Vampire/Lycan kills will recive 1500DP & Vampires Vs. Lycans Userbar

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