Dark night

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Dark night

Post by Minerva on Thu Nov 07, 2013 11:48 am

"Emeraude! Get out of the way!!" Shouted Sylphie as she brought out her Twin blades out to cast a protective shield.

"You think that pitiful magik is going to be enough to stop me attacks? You dare get in my way..." A man in clad black approached Sylphie within a few seconds of speed and threw her out of the way. "Emeraude...you really don't know what you are yet do you...hahaha. Queen of darkness, take the throne with me"

'Queen...of darkness...?? NO! I am no such thing. I fight evil and I have friends who I am willing to protect!"

"Very childlike of you queen...maybe your memories will come from great sacrifice?" The man jumped towards Sylphie, picking her up with the blade of his lance and throwing her against the stone wall of the cave. *Smirk*

A red and black glow began to stream from Emeraude's body, pushing anyone away with gust of surging powers. "I will destroy you!"

"Emeraude! Stop! this is not like you! Flynn and the remainer of the group made it to the cave"

"Flynn, she's glowing! wha-what does that mean!?!"

"Nothing...stay here, I'm going to stop her"

to be continued ~

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Re: Dark night

Post by ~Luvi on Thu Nov 07, 2013 2:25 pm

Mmmm some small grammar mistakes, nothing big. It's a bit interesting, though I do not approve of using asterisks in your writing; they're not used that way and it becomes a very bad habit if you allow yourself to think so.


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