Final Breath Team(Dueling Network Team)

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Final Breath Team(Dueling Network Team)

Post by cabelinha on Thu Jan 09, 2014 5:35 pm

Hi everyone on academy
I am Cabelinha(Leader of Final Breath) is a new team on Dueling Network with hunger to be succeeded. Our Objectives is to help every member grow with this team and in a near future be one of the top teams on Dueling Network. 
We are seeking for some members and a co-captain. 
Active on Dueling Network
Be Competitive
Application to enter the team
- DN Name:
- Singles(W/L):
- Matches(W/L):
- Decks:
- Timezone:
- Experience and Rating:
- Previous Teams:
Test Rubric: the match of test will be 2/3 match
If you made the application you will earn a right to get a test
If you wanna make the test for the team pm one of the testers down:
- Cabelinha
- Jason1637
PM us through facebook, skype or Dueling Network
Facebook through page

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