[New!] Ruling Questions - Section Rules

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Important [New!] Ruling Questions - Section Rules

Post by Kyonaru on Tue Jan 28, 2014 6:53 pm

Ruling Questions - Section Rules
What kind of questions can I ask here?
You can ask any ruling question, as long as it's about Yu-Gi-Oh! (obviously). The penalty for breaking this rule is a warning to your warning bar.

What if someone's given answer is wrong?
Wrong answers will be deleted without notice to prevent misunderstandings. There is no penalty for breaking this rule, since not everyone knows every ruling.

Can I discuss about a card here?
No. We have another section for that, you can find it here. Topics containing card discussions will be moved/archived without notice. The penalty for breaking this rule is a warning to your warning bar.

Who can answer my question?
Anyone can answer it, however, since the answer given might not always be right, you're advised to wait for the confirmation of a Teacher or Tester, or a section moderator.

What happens when my question has been answered correctly?
A section moderator will provide confirmation that the given answer is right, lock the topic and mark it as solved. Moderators and Administrators are NOT allowed to do this.

Is spam allowed?
No. It is not. Any posts not regarding the question's answer will be marked as spam and deleted without notice. Breaking this rule will result in a warning on your warning bar.

Who are the section moderators?
Section moderators are the only ones who can confirm your answer is 100% right, lock your topic and mark it as solved. They will be listed below:

Section Moderators:



! Prince

What if I accidentally break a rule?
Here at XDA, we're not THAT strict, so we might close an eye from time to time, but you should still be careful not to break any of the rules listed above. Punishments listed above aren't going to be given out 100% of the time, but only in case of a repeated violation of the rules. I hope you enjoy our new ruling questions section, and feel free to clear any doubts you might have.

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