Six Sams help please?

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Six Sams help please?

Post by Rumpthumper on Tue Feb 25, 2014 9:18 pm

I was wondering what improvements I should make with my deck, please help!

Before test:

Monsters: (23)
Shien's squire x 2
Shien's footsoldier x 2
kagemusha of the six samurai x 3
elder of the six samurai x 2
legendary six samurai kageki x 3
spirit of the six samurai x 1
The six samurai - Zanji x 2
Legendary six samuri - kizan x 3
grandmaster of the six samuri x 2
enishi, shien's chacellor x 1
great shogun shien x 1
gorz the emissary of darkness x 1

Spells: (10)
Reinforcement of the Army x 1
Shien's smoke signal x 2
asceticism of the six samurai x 2
cunning of the six samurai x 1
six samurai united x 1
six strike - triple impact x 1
Temple of the six x 1
Mystical space typhoon x 1

Traps: (9)
Return of the six samurai x 2
Double-edged sword technique x 2
Mirror force x 2
dark bribe x 1
musakani magatama x 1
dimensional prison x 1

Side: (12)
Rivalry of warlords x 1
non-fusion area x 1
maxx "c" x 1
system down x 2
Mystical Space typhoon x 1
Compulsory evacuation device x 1
legendary six samurai - enishi x 1
solemn warning x 1
one day of peace x 1
light imprisoning mirror x 1
royal decree x 1

Extra: (15)
Ally of Justic Catastor x 2
Legendary six samurai - Shi en x 1
Scarred Warrior x 1
Naturia beast x 1
Naturia barkion x 1
Black rose dragon x 1
Gachi gachi gatensu x 1
Wind-up zenmaines x 2
Leviair the sea dragon x 1
Acid golem x 1
Shadow of the six samurai - shien x 1
Heroic champion - excalibur x 1
gagaga cowboy x 1

Adjustmets I made after test:
Swapped Return of the six for shien's dojo
Got rid of shien's squire
Added fiendish chain, chain dissapearance, chain destruction
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Slifer Red

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Re: Six Sams help please?

Post by D.D. Eatos on Wed Feb 26, 2014 3:52 am

You dont need to be so heavy in monsters since Six Sams already have Draw Power, Search Power, and Special Summon power. So minus Squire and Footsoldier, Gorz, -1 Zanji, chancelor.

Shien Smoke Signal Always at 3 great for search power.
3 United
No Cunning
2~3 MST
2 Lance (opt.)
Triple Impact is slow
No need for Temple

Take Compulse and Solemn out of Side and Put it into main with Torrential, Bottomless, and 1 More Prison.
2~3 Fiendish
No Return of Six Sam

When you make a side deck, dont put anything you wouldn't main at the start like Six Samurai - Enishi, he's either mained or not. Also put it at the maximum of 15 cards, even if you feel some decks aren't a threat to you, side cards against them anyways. Fossil Dyna and Thunder King Rai-Oh are your threats, Smashing Ground is a good side card. No One Day, Decree, nor Non-Fusion.
Double Light Imprison, Mental Drain, Soul Drain, Veiler, Maxx C, Debunk, even Ally of Justice Cycle Reader is a nice card.

Try to keep 1 copy of each monster unless it is boss monster for variety

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