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Complete Exodia Roulette

Post by ! Yeezus on Mon Mar 10, 2014 10:00 pm

Known by many others names, Exodia has now been adopted by XDA to further spread on its popularity. The game works like this; Anyone can roll the Exodia Dice as much times as you want until you or someone else gets all 5 Exodia Pieces in a single roll, but you cannot keep on rolling until someone else has posted after you. Exodia Roulette will have separate topics in this sub-forum where you roll your dices. Rewards and DP amount of the roulette may change every known and then so be sure to follow on what is happening during the games.
How To Play:

For Game-play demonstration, Click Here

• Find the current Exodia Roulette round that is going on. Once you've done that, you may post your dice roll in the topic once until another person posts his dice roll. Click Here.

• Press the Topic Reply:

• Scroll down until you see this:

• Change the settings to this:

• Finally Post it: Enter in a reply into the text editor box and press 'Send'


Prizes & Experience:

After the game is over, the winner will gain a certain amount of DP ranging from 300-800 & even a special reward. Winning the Exodia Roulette an abundant amount of times will give you a chance to receive an excursive type of reward!

How to know when you've won the Roulette:

Once a player has rolled each of the different pieces of Exodia's Head, Right Arm, Left Arm, Right Leg, and Leg leg, they will be be the undisputed winner. Example below.

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