blue eyes deck

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blue eyes deck

Post by kinggoku on Sat Mar 15, 2014 7:14 pm

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20 monster

3x blue eyes dragon
3x lightpulsar dragon
3x darkflare dragon
2x eclipse wyvern
1x red eyes darkness metal dragon
1x the white stone of legend
1x darkstorm dragon
1x jain
1x lyla
1x ryko
2x chaos sorcerer
1x BLS

10 spells

3x dragon shrine
2x trade in
1x silvers cry
1x charge of the light brigade
1x book of moon
1x foolish

10 traps

2x dark bribe
2x kunai with chain
2x call of the haunted
1x magic cylinder
1x reckless greed
1x dragons rebirth
1x compulsory
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