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On Call

Post by Wattberyx on Fri Apr 18, 2014 4:02 pm

Why yes it is a rather clever title, thanks for noticing.

From here on out, I will no longer be dueling or socializing on XDA. This has nothing to do with any of you; rather it has everything to do with me. What does this mean for GFX? What does it mean for Xenon itself? Nothing. I realize that i simply cannot socialize on XDA anymore. All of you may be wondering why? Or maybe you all don't care at all. This is more for formalities.

Anyways, My GFX duties will be on call. which means if any of you need me for GFX duties i'll be a Skype chat away (i don't see why, seeing as you have Kyo, Ducks, and Rose) If any of you want to remain in contact I will give my skype at the end of this little thing.

Skype: Devon_Cake (D. Kekki) mention who you are and that you'are from XDA.

If i'm not on, message Rainbow Blitz (jacksonkueffer) and he will message me.


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