Title Syntax and You: How to Properly Tittle and get your RP Thread Approved

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Title Syntax and You: How to Properly Tittle and get your RP Thread Approved

Post by Dazo on Tue Jun 16, 2015 6:07 pm

What is in a Good title? That is the question we must ask. Not only must the Title tell the Reader the name of the RP or the Story(In terms of creative writing). It must also properly denote what is. This helps a Reader learn what the goal of the Thread is at a glance, rather than having to read the whole thing to understand it.

Example: Blackavia; Home of Ruins [OOC/Sign-Ups]

Let's break this down. This is color coded to help you understand.

Part one is the title itself. This is what will hopefully draw in the reader by peaking their interest. They will see it and wonder to themselves, what is this about? And mayhaps they will click and find out.

Part 2 is the piece that is surrounded in the Brackets or [ ]. This denotes it is a Tag. This tells the reader the main goal of this thread at a glance without having to click blindly into the thread to find out. This tells them even more info then the title itself and can prevent them from wasting time having to figure out what a thread is trying to do, and then figure out they aren't interested. In the above example it is labelled OOC/Sign Ups.This means that It is the Out of character thread for that particular RP, and also the place sign ups are handled. More on this down below where I will explain the end tags that will be used throughout this forum.

Tags can be labeled with ( ), [ ], or { }, all of these will do as it outlines the tag and makes it stand out in the Title of the thread.

Here are the tags that will be used here.

[OOC]: This is the Out of Character discussion thread for the RP it applies to. This is where the players and host can discuss the RP or things relating to it.

[Sign-Ups]: Where players can sign up for the RP.

[OOC/Sign-Ups]: a Hybrid of the above 2 tags. These are done mostly to avoid having to make an extra unnecessary thread as sign-ups can usually be handled in the OOC.

[Interest Check]: These are Threads put out before the RP gets rolling to see if any interest in it exists. It can also be used to discuss the finer details of an RP before it comes out to help the Host polish the product before getting it out there. These are highly useful as it keeps you from Hosts from making 2 dead Threads, and instead making 1 in the case there is no interest, and it is a toll to help them iron out any kinks as well. Also you cannot proceed to post a Sign-Up thread without having me, bote, approve it.

[IC]: In Character. This is where the Magic happens, as it is where the bulk of the RP will be done. No OOC stuff should ever be discussed here, if it must it should be denoted by (( )), but it should be kept to a minimum.

Other Tags may be seen, but this is a duel academy, who the **** really cares?

However the above Tags will be enforced. This adds much more clarity from the threads and gives readers a way to see what they are looking for at a glance rather than having to search and read the OP of every thread. I will be enforcing these Tags, and will edit them into titles that aren't using them. I will alert the Host/Writer that the change was made and inform them to do it in the future.

As for interest check, it is required to post one before you post your Sign-Ups. You will know if you RP is approved if A. It gains interest, and B. I say it is. Failure to post an interest check will result in your thread getting deleted.

Have fun Roleplaying.

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