Xenon Duel Academy New Years Update

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Xenon Duel Academy New Years Update

Post by BlackLeg-Sanji on Wed Jan 20, 2016 11:23 am

With a New Year came a new theme to Xenon Duel Academy. As all have already seen our new theme but maybe haven’t noticed everything or don’t understand some of the elements. In this announcement I will explain the updates what were changed and what added to give you, our beloved members, a better overview of the update!


Lets start with our header, cause its the first part of the forum everyone notices.

On the header you notice that our navbar is moved to the toolbar. You might wonder why this was done this way. It’s because it make navigating the forum alot easier. How? You might ask. Cause when you are scrolled down reading topics, posts or doing whatever, you can easly jump back to Forum main page or check you Private Messages even if you’d like.
For the second element on header you’d notice is the menu on the right side of the forum. There are included all major links that had to be easier access. On the menu you see there are Rules, Starter Guide, Testing Rubric, Main Shop, Staff Application, Tournaments, Introductions and Forum Tools. Almost all the listed links in the menu have a huge importance for new members. They can easly navigate through all the needed topics to give a good overview about our forum.
Now next to menus Forum Tools link you see a Search bar. Its for searching out everything you want on forum. Over the search bar and next to menu you see User information. It displays your current profile picture, whom you are logged in as and you post count. Also there are some various links about your account. First there is a link to go directly to you profile. Then there is link to show all your posted Topics and Posts. Also a link for the Topics you have watched.
Last add-on on the header you can see is the Quotes. This was added just for the fun factor. As I was making the header that are where now are Quotes was just empty and I thought why not add something there. Also we have a suggestion Topic about what Quotes you’d like to see there! Topic can be found HERE

Forums new colors

XDA used to use only blue on blue with some black. So with the new update we introduced 2 new colors to XDA theme which are Red and Yellow. When I started making the theme updated I thought that the old only blue color is kind of too outdated and used too much on Xenon Duel Academy. Adding the new colors seemed a good idea. I hope you all like abit more colorful XDA!

Tournament table

Tounament table was added to help our member to keep better track on what Tournaments are currently active, open for sign-up or are upcoming in few weeks. The terms used on tournament table are:
Upcoming – means the tournament will be made public in few weeks on when a Tournament ends.
Sign-ups – Open for Sign-ups(Quite obvious isn’t it).
In process – The Tournament is ongoing and sign-ups are closed.
Closed – The tournament is ended.

Staff application

Staff application was made to make applying for a staff position easier. You’d just have to fill some fields and hit send and our Admin see can review it and give their thoughts about it. In the staff application you shouldn’t overlook extra information and motivational letter fields cause those fields will give us a better overview of your skill and about yourself!

Main shop

This format main shop used to be on XDA but it was taken off but with this new update we have brought it back!

That’s all for now! Hope this announcement explaind some elements that might’ve been confusing you all!



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Re: Xenon Duel Academy New Years Update

Post by Phoenix King on Thu Jan 21, 2016 8:39 pm

You'd better make a better banner btw.

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