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Post by Pixel Tiger on Fri Jan 22, 2016 5:32 pm


I take a deep breath and hold my sword in its scabbard up to eye level. I pull it out a small bit, its sleek and silver blade catching a glimpse of sunlight. I take another deep breath, and draw it out the rest of the way so fast, it seems like it actually cut through the air. As I do so, there's a slight metallic screech as it slides against the inner scabbard. I think about who i’m about to face, and weigh the chance of me winning: Me, a skilled and practiced warrior versus the captain and founder of the empire’s royal guard... Yup, the odds were definitely against me. I hear a booming announcement, telling us to get into position and be ready for the countdown. I start to get into position...

I place my right foot slightly in front of my left, bend my knees a small bit, and as I do so, I hold my right arm back, like i’m about to race, and my left arm back a bit with an acutely bent elbow. I hold my sword in my right hand, and, although i’m nervous, I manage to stop shaking so that I don’t drop it. My sword. A fine piece of weaponry. An enormous blade, measuring about 1.2 meters, the hilt about 20cm, or so, with a blade strong enough to cut through steel, it makes a scary weapon indeed. My opponent, Jeart, then draws his weapon, an average sized plain sword, with his initials, JSW. He takes his position, which seems to be a normal standing pose with his arm held in front of him, and his sword pointing up. We hear a booming voice, so loud a deaf person could still hear it “The duel will commence in 3, 2, 1... GO!”

As soon as he says go, I push hard down on my right heel, and dash forward. And I don’t mean a little run-dash, I mean really fast. As I dash at sonic speed towards him, he mirrors my move and does the same. I don’t know how he can dash so fast too, but, nevertheless, he does so. We finally meet in the center, our blades colliding right at the middle. At first, I thought I hit him, but, the swords had other ideas. As they collide, our swords run up each other’s flats, and make an ear-piercing screech as they do so, lifting a cloud of sand in the direction of the ricochets. The audience cover their ears, it they don’t seem to realise that this is only the start of the barrage of attacks. Alas, the first hit nearly knocked the sword out of his hand and he winched as the shock travelled through his hand. He yells a curse, but I think I was half deaf at the time, so I didn’t really notice.

I make a second slash, aiming for his chest. He ducks it, and hits my sword up, which staggers me for a more t. As he does this, he aims for my stomach, hoping to stab me. I, personally, disliked that, so I de died to use the extra altitude to my favour. I make a huge slash downward, and knock him straight on the head with the flat of my sword. His face seems to go funny for a second, until he does some sort of roll-somersault-backflip-thing to get some distance between us.

As he stands there, he starts to wobble slightly “Say, uhmmm, are you okay there, do you need some time?” I ask politely. He spanks his head, and gets back into position. “This again?” I think to myself. We begin to run at each other for the second time today. However, I was not so dumb to think he hadn’t noticed what I did the first time, so I presumed he’d found a counter for it, instead, I had a different plan. As he runs towards me, his eyepatch falls off, revealing a glowing yellow iris. He laughs hysterically when it happens. I don’t. The air around him seemed to turn more powerful. Not to mention his sword glowing a slight yellow. We meet in the middle again, and, as i’d guessed, he aimed for my legs. I dash around him with extreme haste, and stab at his back. Just to show the world hates me though, he seemed to sense it, a d twirled around on his heel to deflect the attack and aim for my face. I jump down

onto my back, where he aims down, stabbing at my heart. I was starting to become sick of this, “It’s getting a tad boring” I think to myself. I dodge his heart-aimed attack by rolling sideways, I then proceed to push myself up off the ground into a crouching position with my left hand. Which is lucky, because his next attack aimed up. I hit his sword from the side, making another metallic screech emit from it. This sends up dust and sand around us, clouding the audience’s view, there’s a large gasp coming from them, probably in anticipation of who’s going to make a wrong move first. Or what’s happening behind the dust.. Jearts sword comes down at my face in an instant, I do a full 360° spin and stab up at his face with the momentum.........

That's all for now. How is it? Please, I welcome constructive critisism.

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